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P is for Pirate

This was a collection of kids illustrations and prints created last year. I struggled a little with the colour palette and deciding whether to work in Illustrator or photoshop. Having worked on it on and off for several months I am finally happy to reveal it here.

P is for Pirate_pattern_sisiforscribble

In the end I went with a simpler turquoise, purple and dark blue palette. I also pushed through with illustrator to create the patterns and artwork, prefering he flat colours for these compositions.

Below are some of the additional co-ordinating patterns in more detail:

Pattern Gallery

Anchors Ahoy

Pirate knots pattern_sisforscribble







Knotted (I’m still loving the rope & knotted nautical designs; here in a pale turquoise)

Pattern Gallery3





Palm Deco (revisiting a my palm tree pattern that works really well with this theme; recoloured in purple to match the colourway)






F is for Flower

F is for Flowers


…or F is for Folk Floral

folk floral pattern web

March & April were busy months for me taking part in Lilla Rogers MATS part B.

Although I wasn’t able to post much whilst the course was going on I will attempt to post some of my favourite pieces here over the coming weeks.

This folky floral print had been created in Week 5 for the Party Paper brief. The aim had been to create a design for paper plates and napkins, however it was clear that this was another design that would work better as a bolt fabric pattern. So here it is with a folksy geometric co-ordinate.

I is for Ink

I for InkI is for Ink. This was my submission for Week 3 of MATS part B. Lots of ink bottles and nibs. I had a lot of fun drawing these. Here are some of the before doodles.

Inky Doodle