C is for Crustaceans

Jenny_Wilkinson_May What a fun month May was at MATS Bootcamp. Crabs and lobsters and prawns oh my! The brief for the month was to create a surface design for some dinner plates with a ‘Marine Mashup’ theme. Basically a totally bonkers mix of pretty patterns and crustacean creatures. Actually, some of my favourite things to draw, so I was pretty happy “mashing-them-up” together.

C is for CrabC is for Crab. Here is the more detailed, crab drawings created with a dip pen and ink.

Morocco was the source of the pattern inspiration for this ‘mash up’ . . . Moroccan ink doodles I had some fun playing with blue ink on watercolour paper. These inky sketches were scanned in to create the background pattern for the plate designs as well as this simple repeating pattern. Jenny Wilkinson_Moroccan pattern_web  If you would like to license any of these designs please e-mail jenny@jennywilkinson.com.

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