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A is for Art

Art Gathering Poster

For MATS April Bootcamp Assignment we were given the job of creating a poster for the upcoming Global Art Gathering event in Brighton.

The mini had been to hand letter the words Global Art Gathering.

poster sketches_jw

Hand lettering sketches


After creating the lettering by hand using pencil, pen & ink.

I then scanned the drawings and took them into illustrator. Using the sketch as an idea for a composition, I created the poster design in illustrator using the colour palette that had been given to us.

vector artwork-01

Vector artwork without texture

Art Gathering Poster

photoshop artwork with texture added










I then added texture to the vector artwork in Photoshop using clipping masks and hand made brushes & textures. I really liked this technique and am looking forward to exploring this technique further.


M is for Misty Mountain

M is for misty mountains_web

blue doodles

February Bootcamp mini was to draw from scenic plates. I chose to look at blue & white chinoiserie plates (which I have been really drawn to for sometime) so I was really excited to crack open the inks again and get drawing. For a bit of a change I decided to experiment with blue ink (rather than drawing with black ink & colouring it later in Photoshop)

The final design was to create a piece of art painted onto a piece of circular wood. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to find a piece of wood but used a photo I had instead and composited this with my original mini drawings.

I really liked the translucent quality and used this when layering up the final piece along with some paint textures. To create this quite mystical, magical moody mountain piece.

S is for Ship

A ship in a bottle

S is for Ship (in a bottle)

C is for Cuckoo Clock

C is for cuckoo clock C is for Cuckoo Clock. This was the first month of Lilla Rogers Mats Bootcamp online course. The brief was to create a mobile phone cover featuring a cuckoo clock design. We started off with a  mini assignment drawing all sorts of cuckoo clocks and decorative doodles.
Cuckoo Clock doodlesThis was then scanned into the computer and translated into digital illustrations.

cuckoo clock screenshot(above: some of my digital scribbling in progress)

I’ve been enjoying making lots of prints and patterns to match the main cuckoo clock illustration.

 c is for cuckoo clock

& here is my final cuckoo clock illustration (above) and the final layout I submitted to the February MATS bootcamp gallery (below)


After completing the mobile phone cover I couldn’t resist having a play with the patterns and repeats that were naturally appearing out of the cuckoo clock illustration; the borders and scallop designs and the Eidelweiss icons (Lilla loves a good icon!).Below are two bolt fabric designs and co-ordinating repeats using the cuckoo clock as the main starting point

Cuckoo clock bolt fabric 2

Cuckoo clock bolt fabric