S is for Ship

A ship in a bottle

S is for Ship (in a bottle)


F is for Flower

F is for Flowers


…or F is for Folk Floral

folk floral pattern web

March & April were busy months for me taking part in Lilla Rogers MATS part B.

Although I wasn’t able to post much whilst the course was going on I will attempt to post some of my favourite pieces here over the coming weeks.

This folky floral print had been created in Week 5 for the Party Paper brief. The aim had been to create a design for paper plates and napkins, however it was clear that this was another design that would work better as a bolt fabric pattern. So here it is with a folksy geometric co-ordinate.

I is for Ink

I for InkI is for Ink. This was my submission for Week 3 of MATS part B. Lots of ink bottles and nibs. I had a lot of fun drawing these. Here are some of the before doodles.

Inky Doodle


J is for Jelly

J is for Jelly post

Keeping with the A to Z theme of this scribble blog, this week J is for Jelly! (or Jell-o for the Americans out there!) I’ve had a fun month drawing lots of Jelly for the Lilla Rogers MATS bootcamp online course. The brief was to create a Jelly themed bolt fabric design. I doodled a lot with pen and ink; I’ve been using my traditional dip pen as well as a new bamboo dip pen. I then scanned the black ink drawings & doodles into the computer and created these prints and patterns below using photoshop & illustrator. I do love creating patterns!

Jelly Bolt fabric March post

Here is the final bolt fabric design I submitted for the March MATS bootcamp gallery. It shows the final pattern I went for and a simple co-ordinate print.
Below are some more patterns I played around with using a similar colour palette.

J is for Jelly co-ordinate fabric post 2

J is for Jelly co-ordinate fabric post 3

C is for Cuckoo Clock

C is for cuckoo clock C is for Cuckoo Clock. This was the first month of Lilla Rogers Mats Bootcamp online course. The brief was to create a mobile phone cover featuring a cuckoo clock design. We started off with a  mini assignment drawing all sorts of cuckoo clocks and decorative doodles.
Cuckoo Clock doodlesThis was then scanned into the computer and translated into digital illustrations.

cuckoo clock screenshot(above: some of my digital scribbling in progress)

I’ve been enjoying making lots of prints and patterns to match the main cuckoo clock illustration.

 c is for cuckoo clock

& here is my final cuckoo clock illustration (above) and the final layout I submitted to the February MATS bootcamp gallery (below)


After completing the mobile phone cover I couldn’t resist having a play with the patterns and repeats that were naturally appearing out of the cuckoo clock illustration; the borders and scallop designs and the Eidelweiss icons (Lilla loves a good icon!).Below are two bolt fabric designs and co-ordinating repeats using the cuckoo clock as the main starting point

Cuckoo clock bolt fabric 2

Cuckoo clock bolt fabric


P is for Pattern

P is for Pattern


Z is for Zoom

Z is for Zoom

R is for Rope

R is for Rope


G is for Glasses

G is for Glasses


F is for Feather

Feather is for feather web